So which Nile cruise is your ultimate Egyptian holiday experience?

Which Nile cruise do you want “Butlin’s holiday camp” or sheer unadulterated luxury?

Nile cruises have always been popular but a bit like a chocolate bar; just as the chocolate manufactures still label it the same thing but you get a smaller bar cruise boats have been doing the same thing. In the time of Amelia Edwards you would hire a dahabiya by yourself or shared and go from Cairo to Abu Simbel’. Agatha Christie’s book Death on the Nile talks about a steamer between Aswan and the second cataract. Now you are offered a floating hotel between Luxor and Aswan with a total cruise time of a few hours and moored next door to 7 other boats. Probably not quite what you had in mind for your Nile Cruise.  You wanted pampering, a small group, attentive but discrete crew, peace and quiet, plenty of time at ALL the sights and an unforgettable experience on your Egyptian holiday.

That is where the sailing boats come in; offering the real Nile cruise experience, unforgettable holidays in Egypt, full on unashamed luxury. Sandals, maximum 8 passengers and dahabiyyas maximum 12 passengers, sail the Nile between Esna and Aswan stopping at all the sites. Ones like El Kab and Gebel Silsila where there is no mooring for big boats. Where you wake up next to the site and have breakfast looking up at a temple.

Or for the wild camping experience, feluccas have been sailing the river Nile for centuries, gracing many a romantic picture of an Egyptian family holiday. These are a much cheaper Egyptian cruise and very popular with backpackers or other groups of young and not so young people.

Gebel Silsila is probably the most atmospheric stop for the Egyptian sailing boat; you moor up for the night under the stars of the Egyptian night in the glow of the Speos of Horemheb. Horemheb was Tutankhamen’s General and established the 19th dynasty of Ramses the Great.  Breakfast the next morning on deck and then explore the site. Be careful about breakfast and lunch, and dinner enormous tasty meals, vegetarian if required, tasty Egyptian food. Expect to put on pounds.

So which Nile cruise is your ultimate Egyptian holiday experience?

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