Getting to Luxor, Egypt.

Getting to Luxor, Egypt.


While Luxor has a variety of different transportation methods to choose from, each journey has its own distinctive rewards.

• By Road
Ground transportation in Luxor is quite varied and scenic. Horse-carriages provide a relaxed way to take short journeys around town, while microbuses offer a speedier but often far more crowded circuit of Luxor’s various neighbourhoods. Taxis and horse-carriages tend to charge roughly the same amount for the same journey, and are often driven by fairly opinionated, cantankerous drivers who will take you to all sorts of places you may not want to go, including the Camel market. Anyone who wants to take a taxi or horse-carriage should agree on a price upfront, and be very firm about where they wish to be driven. The microbus drivers, on the other hand, will overcharge obvious tourists, but otherwise will stick to the preordained route. Because microbuses are a more local form of transport, it’s not uncommon to spend the ride jammed up against some live chickens or weary local tradesmen. Be prepared for adventure. Tourists can also rent a car or arrange for private car service, but driving in Luxor is hardly relaxing.


• By Flight
For those flying from the United States who wish to go to Luxor, they must first land at Cairo International Airport. While there are no direct flights from the United States to Luxor, Air Berlin, Jazeera Airways, Air Arabia and Qatar fly directly into Luxor International Airport. Those who wish to fly into Luxor from Cairo must do so by Egypt Air. For cheap flights to Egypt it’s worth reviewing the range of flight comparison services including to ensure you get the best price.

• By Train
There are two major rail services in Egypt: one run by the Egyptian government, and the other run by a private company known as Wagon Lits. The Egyptian government discourages tourists from riding the government trains, and for good reason: they tend to be relatively uncomfortable, even if they are less expensive than the private service. Travellers should book their rides aboard the Wagon Lits at least a day in advance in order to avoid headaches at the ticket office.

• By Ferry or Motor Boat
Luxor is situated on the Nile River, which affords visitors the opportunity to take in the sights via passenger ferries, privately operated motor boats, or so-called “feluccas” or sailing boats. The passenger ferry crosses from the West Bank to Corniche roughly 4 times per hour all day and well into the night. Motor boat drivers perform the same journey but it can cost up to 5 times the price of the single fare on the ferry. That said, the motor boats don’t charge any extra for the number of passengers so they are an ideal option for a group or large family.

The sailing boats are far more leisurely and offer a beautiful cruise up the Nile. Those who are not in a hurry should opt for a felucca ride.

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