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There are three main ways to Sail the Nile – with a felucca, a sandal or a Dahabiyas. We offer all three of these options. 

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SailtheNile.com - Sailing Holidays on the River Nile - Dahabiyya


Feluccas have been sailing the Nile for centuries and provide a way of experiencing a cruise on the Nile under sail at minimal cost. We provide reliable experienced captains and crew with years of experience who will take you along the Nile observing wildlife, visiting pharaonic sites and letting your stress and worries drift away on the current. Toilet facilities are of the wild camping variety but beds and meals are provided.


The Sandal is much larger, with the comforts of home for more mature travellers who want a proper bed and above all onboard toilets and showers but who do not want to lose the sailing experience. The Sandal has also been sailing on the Nile for a long time but recently some of these working boats have been converted into spacious and attractive holiday cruisers. There are many different sizes depending on the conversion; the largest has berths for 8 persons in 4 double cabins with 2 bathrooms and plenty of storage. The attentive crew make you feel like a Pharaoh with 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks. Suitable for that special romantic honeymoon or for a small group.


Dahabiyyas are larger with accommodation for up to 12 people with double cabins and ensuite bathrooms. Ideal for larger groups or a big family. Celebrating that special event, what a way to spend your 50 th birthday surrounded by family and friends. Or in a group with similar interests such as bird watching, astronomy or Egyptology. However, Groups under 9 persons will find the Sandal fulfils all their accommodation requirements with equal comfort.

Sailing boats are not cruise ships and if you are unfamiliar with the joys of sailing then you need to be aware of the pros and cons. When you are relying on wind power and the current then a rigidly timed schedule is not possible. So with flights and further connections to get and temples that must be visited how do we manage? Well we offer 2 options; sail only or sail and tug.

With sail only you are guaranteed an agreed number of nights aboard. We make sure that if you have not reached your final destination at the end of that time you are picked up by our driver in an air conditioned mini bus and taken by road.

With sail and tug, when the wind fails then we start up the engine on the tug and continue our journey. It is your choice; please let us know at time of booking. We find offering this choice enables different groups to enjoy the joys of cruising the Nile by sail boat. Bird watchers may prefer to drift slowly past mud banks observing the many birds of Egypt , whilst amateur Egyptologists don’t want to miss a temple. Which ever you choose you get to your destination on time.

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