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Hi, my name is Michael Campbell-Smith. As an offshore yachtsman, I have skippered my own boats from the Indian Ocean to the Hebrides and the Mediterranean, and I still enjoy sailing the Irish Sea in my own boat when I am in England .

However, I now live most of the time in Egypt .

Those of you who sail offshore will know the pleasures and tribulations of ocean sailing only too well, and I can truthfully say that sailing on the river Nile is totally unlike any sailing I have experienced in the past.

Gone is the stress of worrying about weather and safe anchorage. Gone is the discomfort of pitching about in heavy seas, and sea sickness. Relieved of the responsibilities of command, you are free to enjoy the passing scenery, which in Upper Egypt has not changed much for millennia. In fact your major decisions will be deciding when to tell your skipper that you wish to eat, or where to put in for the night.

For the technically minded, all sailing boats on the Nile are lateen rigged, so that their towering masts can catch the lightest air – very necessary as none of them have engines. Feluccas have one mast, and Sandals and Dahabiyyas have two. Feluccas are essentially open boats, Sandals are converted working boats, with spacious cabins, very beamy, and Dahabiyyas are rather longer with less beam. Strong winds are very rare, and do not last long, and even the strongest wind, does not cause much of a disturbance on the placid surface of the Nile .

I have been captivated by my experiences of sailing in Egypt. I am sure that you and your family will be too.

Using a combination of my sailing knowledge, and the staff at www.flatsinluxor.co.uk we can now offer you a traditional Nile cruise by sailing boat, and combine it with accommodation in one of Flats in Luxor ‘s apartments.

Flats in Luxor is run by Mahmoud Jahlan and they have many years of providing services to tourists and are recommended by both Lonely Planet and Rough Guide.

Michael Campbell-Smith

Want to know more, please send us an email if making a general enquiry or if you are ready to book you can telephone +20 (0) 1003564540

Who are we?

The Flats in Luxor Group

is owned by

Mahmoud Jahlan

We are an Anglo/Egyptian couple who established Flats In Luxor in 2003. Jane has now retired

Why not visit the other Flats in Luxor Group websites:

Jane is the English half of the partnership with a love of Egypt going back further than she cares to admit  🙂 . A regular visitor to Egypt since 1979, she made the move out to Egypt in 2003. She retired in 2018

A keen Egyptologist she welcomes the chance to give advice about places to visit and their historical background. She has written a highly popular guide book about Luxor, Hidden Luxor, detailing the place tourists often miss.

Mahmoud is the Egyptian half. A Luxor local, he has been guiding tourists and organising tours for many years. If he can’t fix it then he knows a man who can.

We understand that your holiday is your chance to relax so we will do all we can to make sure everything is hassle free. Anything we can do to help you make the most of the experience let us know. We hope you really enjoy yourself and become a regular visitor.

Jane Akshar is the author of the highly popular blog on Luxor, luxor-news.blogspot.com, where she keeps people up-to-date with finds, events and attractions in Luxor. Why not have a read before you come and get to know the happenings, town and the people of Luxor. She also writes extensively for Tour Egypt and you can find many of her articles on that site www.touregypt.net She has also appeared in on TV and Media both Egyptian and foreign. You can find out more about her on www.janeakshar.com

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  • A Place in the Sun
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  • Monarch In-flight Magazine
  • Trip Advisor
  • Tour Egypt
  • Responsible Travel
  • Lonely Planet
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  • Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organistion

Disabled Access

Due to Jane’s increasing lack of mobility she has been looking into access at both at the historic sites and the apartments.  She has run a successful campaign to get access at the temples which was inaugurated by Dr. Khaled Anany the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities and Moustafa Wasery Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

With several ground floor apartments we have been able to provide ramps for access, wet rooms and even our swimming pool at Goubli has an easy access. The al fresco restaurant in the Nubian Village Hotel is all ground level.




Flats in Luxor is Officially Green

In 2007, Jane went on holiday to Japan and found her holiday through Responsible Travel. When she read their ethos she thought  this is exactly the sort of holiday I want. Then it occurred to her this exactly the sort of holiday we provide. Responsible Travel agreed and now we are officially green. Jane talks about this experience on video

Examples of our policy are

  • Staff and subcontractors are all local
  • Low energy bulbs and timed electricity in communal areas
  • Local craftsmen used for building and fittings
  • Food is local and organic
  • Walking, cycling and donkey tours
  • Introducing guests to real Egyptians and their life

Why go Local?

Jane and Mahmoud would encourage every visitor to Egypt to make their own arrangements with the local guides rather than use the big tour companies. If you use the tour companies none of your money goes to the local economy.

You get a much better price by going local as well.

The locals have had a double whammy of increased safety concerns and the new bridge across the Nile. This means fewer tourists and those that come are cocooned in tour buses and taken from hotel to site with no local contact.

Another advantage is that you can schedule your tour to avoid the hottest part of the day. Especially during the summer, wise tourists start their sightseeing really early e.g. 5 am and rest in the hottest part of the day.

You also get the chance of getting to know the local people and being invited to share their lives. Egyptians are a very friendly people. By being a good tourist (using a local guide and tipping well) you will end up having meals in local homes, meeting the women and children, being invited to weddings and parties and even sitting up late drinking beer and chatting.


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