Enjoy a Magical, Relaxing Nile River Cruise

River Nile Cruise Luxor

Want to cruise the Nile, the ideal Egyptian holiday. A Nile river cruise is everyone’s dream, a private sailing boat sounds perfect. Sounds expensive? Not with us…

A River Nile cruise on a private sailing boat is achievable for a reasonable cost and if you are willing to sacrifice on facilities even a back packer can afford it.

IMG-20130430-00257 You want to arrange a special anniversary, the most romantic holiday in the world. Share a dahabiya, or charter the entire boat maximum group size 12. In days gone by the only way to cruise the Nile was in a Dahabiya(also spelt dahabeya and dahabiya), as Amelia Edwards describes in her book “A Thousand Miles down the Nile” and of course Agatha Christie talks of a Nile cruise in a private dahabiyya in her book “Death on the Nile”. Want to spoil that special person with a perfect family holiday in Luxor with a small family, charter a sandal boat, sleeps up to 8.

So what are the options for a Nile cruise?

  • Feluccas − the backpacker option
  • Sandals − sailing with facilities and comfort
  • Dahabiyas − even more comfort and for bigger groups or share with others

what types of Nile cruises are there? Group of feluccas

We have a wide range of options and prices for Nile Cruises, to make your dream River Nile Cruise become a reality in 2012. [intlink id=”12″ type=”page”]Contact us to make a booking[/intlink] or to ask any more questions you may have.

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