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by Jane Akshar on 18 Dec, 10

Jane writes a regular blog about Luxor life called “Luxor News”, here are some of the most recent posts:

  • Newsletters - Animal Welfare of Luxor 04 Mar, 15
    Newsletters - Animal Welfare of LuxorThe March news letter is out and lots of good stories.
    Jane Akshar
  • Ministry of Antiquities Press Office... - Ministry of Antiquities 03 Mar, 15
    Ministry of Antiquities Press Office... - Ministry of Antiquities:Amazing Discovery in LuxorA new tomb belonging to "Amenhotep " who is also called Rebiu, the door-keeper of god Amun have been discovered by the American Research Center's Mission with an Egyptian team of inspectors working at the area. The tomb most probably dates to the New Ki […]
    Jane Akshar
  • TT184 Update 02 Mar, 15
    TT184 Excavation in TT184 and the south side of el-Khokha hillock. Lots of pics and updates
    Jane Akshar

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