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by Jane Akshar on 18 Dec, 10

Jane writes a regular blog about Luxor life called “Luxor News”, here are some of the most recent posts:

  • Zahi on the new scan of Tutankhamun This Morning - Timeline 17 Oct, 16
    (9) This Morning - TimelineMany thanks to Tony Hickman for sharing this. Zahi is talking about a new scan of KV62 by the Russians in NovTony also did a transcriptZahi Hawass has just announced on ITV This morning that there will be another scan by a Russian team in the tomb of Tutankhamun KV62 in this November here is a transcript of the interview........... […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Hidden Luxor - Disabled temples: Merenptah=No, Rammasseum=No, Seti I YES!!!!! 17 Oct, 16
    That is all the temples done now. Started at Merenptah, which had dusty, sandy debiris on steep ramps and even with the guardians help I couldnt get upRamasseum had VERY steep mini ramps going down to a non compacted sandy, dusty courtyard. We could have got down the rmaps, with a lot of help but once at the bottom the scooter would have been stuck. Also the […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Kunsttentoonstelling “Luxor in Zwevegem” – Grensnieuws 12 Oct, 16
    Kunsttentoonstelling “Luxor in Zwevegem” – GrensnieuwsFor all our Flemish readers (or use Google translate) this is a news story about the painter Wael Nour and his family on his first European show. Well done Wael
    Jane Akshar

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