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Jane writes a regular blog about Luxor life called “Luxor News”, here are some of the most recent posts:

  • TT315 Ipi discoveries via EEF 21 May, 17
    * MoA press release 21-05-2017:"The Spanish- Egyptian archeological mission from University of Alcala working in the tomb of Ipi (TT 315) at Deir el-Bahari in Luxor, rediscovering 56 jars filled with embalming materials for the mummification of the vizier Ipi, overseer of Thebes and member of the elite in the reign of Amenemhat I in the early Twelfth Dy […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Making Mud Brick by Joanne Stables 19 May, 17
    Making Mud Brick Currently we have a project going on to make the temples more accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Part of the research we are doing is the use of mud brick as the proposed material to make the access path smooth and level. We favour this on the grounds of aesthetics, costs, use of local labour, eco friendly locally sourced, clim […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Luxor Museum Open Day 18 May, 17
    There was a great open night at the museum yesterday and my trusty deputy reporter Barbara Clarke took loads of photos and videos. This is the link to her Facebook albulmBarbara Clarke - Barbara Clarke added 56 photos and 2 videos to...
    Jane Akshar

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