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by Jane Akshar on 18 Dec, 10

Jane writes a regular blog about Luxor life called “Luxor News”, here are some of the most recent posts:

  • Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project 06 Feb, 16
    ¬†Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project:Welcome to the BLOG of the 2016 Field Season of the Pacific Lutheran University Valley of the Kings Project. The Project is addressing several tombs in Egypt's New Kingdom (c.1500 - 1000 B.C.) royal cemetery.Apart from the typically large and colorfully decorated tombs of the pharaohs, there are a […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Nicholas Reeves in Luxor 06 Feb, 16
    Mahmoud Jahlan has heard that both Nick and the Prime Minister are in Luxor today to look at KV62 Tutankamun's tomb. I hope there will be some announcement
    Jane Akshar
  • Newsletter Osirisnet January 2016 31 Jan, 16
    ¬†Newsletter Osirisnet janvier 2016 - January 2016The Minister of Antiquities changes its policy : new exhibitions will be held periodically to show new finds of foreign archeological missions. Thus, the public will not have to wait for years before to see them. The first exhibition of 2015 field campaign by a Spanish team at the mortuary temple of Thutmosis […]
    Jane Akshar

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